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Arabic keyboard

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The Arabic keyboard is an Arabic alphabet keyboard which allows the writing of texts and sentences with the keys of the French alphabets existing on the PC keyboard. This Arabic keyboard also allows you to translate text efficiently and reliably from the Arabic language to the other French and English languages. The Arabic keyboard also allows you to translate the French and English language into Arabic language.

This translation is obviously not limited to the two languages ​​French and English but concerns all other languages. Our Arabic keyboard has interesting and practical technical characteristics. the most egregious example is the possibility that our Arabic keyboard gives to the user to launch a search with the text written on the text area of ​​the Arabic keyboard on search engines YouTube Google or any other social network. However, the user can write a text in Arabic on the Arabic keyboard, translate it to the French language and then start a search with the translation directly on Youtube without needing to copy the text. Another feature that makes this arabic keyboard special and sets it apart from all other Arabic keyboards is the possibility given to the user to search for the interesting keywords. Indeed the user write a text and search Google's trending engines for the relevance of the words used in the text in order to make this text much more reloadable by the search engines.

All this is done with a single click of a button. The Arabic keyboard is designed for use on both computers and smartphones. Its operation is optimized for optimal use on both platforms. It is also possible to write words in French with Arabic letters. The Arabic keyboard has the ability to detect these words, translate them into Arabic and then translate them into French.
This is the result of the artificial intelligence of this site. The site was designed with the knowledge that users often would like save the text on their computers. The Arabic keyboard on this site allows indeed to download the text writen in Arabic as well as its translation on your PC hard drive. This Arabic keyboard allows easy and reliable online writing of Arabic language text using the buttons on your PC keyboard. In the event that your keyboard does not work, it is possible to use a virtual keyboard available on the site.

Arabic Keyboard 5000

Our Arabic Keyboard site and its keyboard allow the user to write in an efficient and reliable way these texts and sentences in Arabic language or any other language and keep them in various different formats. it also allows to write numbers in greek format or with Arabic writing. We have also put a help in case the user needs more details or more specific questions on one feature or another.

It is Arabic online keyboard! it is a smart keyboard which allows to transfer the text in the search bar of other engines search such as Google YouTube and other searchjdjjsjdhehe platforms; this from the text box of the Arabic keyboard.

The existing Arabic keyboards currently online have their limits when the user would like to write a text and copy it to paste it into a search engine. This problem is completely solved on this site because its Arabic keyboard allows you to write and paste the text directly into the search bars on YouTube Google or Facebook.

The technical team of the website and also available to the user to answer their questions take the user experience of this site a pleasant experience. Envoyer des commentaires Historique Enregistré Communauté

Arabic keyboard

The best way to write words and texts in Arabic is to translate into French or any language you need, and many other features.


The best keyboard you can find, with English or French Arabic translation.

Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard is user-friendly, and you can use it on your computer or your cell phone.

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